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Lefteris Ioannou

Lefteris is a Greek composer based in Los Angeles with a passion for enhancing the visual experience through a diverse sound palette. He crafts evocative narratives through his intricate composing abilities and story-telling talent. 

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Listen to selected compositions for Film, TV and Video Games

Alejandro Palacios

Director of The Latin X Photography Project

Having Lefteris on board to create the score for our film was one of the biggest blessings we collected along this wonderful journey. His passion for cinematic and haunting arrangements comes through like a gentle and powerful wave. His music is a real treat, and working with him is a reminder of his commitment to excellence. 

Cecilia Seaward

Director of PONY

 Lefteris is very intuitive. The compelling score he composed created the perfect amount of depth for my film, PONY. His compositions illustrated the emotional complexity of the story without overpowering the performances and visual journey. Lefteris is a wonderful collaborator!

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